Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing

11 Mar 2015

Upcoming Events

There are 3 upcoming events this Spring. You can find out more about them on our events page, but here is a short summary:

22 Jan 2015

NuPIC 0.1 Released

We’re happy to announced the first release of NuPIC 0.1! This release includes binary installation files for 64 bit Linux, OS X 10.9, and OS X 10.10.

Please see the simplified binary installation instructions on the README.

For instructions on installing from the most recent source code, see Installing and Building NuPIC.

05 Sep 2014

Numenta Training Workshop Announced

Numenta is offering a half-day technical workshop to provide training for developers or potential customers/partners interested in our technology. Workshop sessions will review Numenta theory, technology, and applications – and provide an overview for how to get started on your own projects using Numenta technology. The majority of content will be technical in nature and is intended for a developer/technical audience. Training curriculum will be followed by a networking reception.

Who should attend? Developers/technically-minded people interested in Numenta technology. A substantial portion of our content will focus on introducing the basics of our technology.

Seating is limited, so we encourage you to sign up early! Details and registration here.

Please feel free to tell other colleagues who might be interested.

Hope to see you there!

Numenta Team