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Hackathon Outcome

by Matthew Taylor, Open Source Manager

The first NuPIC Hackathon occurred over the past weekend, ending with eight demo applications from ten different participants. Even though there were some struggles getting NuPIC building and running on different platforms (we anticipated that), I consider this event a success based on the number of demonstrations ready within 24 hours.

Hackathon Outcome Image

We had a great group of participants in attendance. Thank you all for coming, especially those of you who stuck it out all night and produced demos! We had hackers fly in from Seattle, St. Louis, Memphis, and Mexico… not to mention those attending from the San Francisco bay area.

The event was live-streamed on YouTube. All the individual videos are linked below, but the most interesting videos are the kickoff and the demonstrations at the end.

Kickoff Video and Slides

Hours and Hours of Hacking

An awful lot of interesting conversations occurred. If you jump into any of the following videos, you might happen upon something intriguing. Of course, you might also see us falling asleep in our coffees at 3am.


The demonstrations in their entirety are here, but it might be easier for you to navigate by project. I’ve linked each demo individually below.

Erik Blas

IR sensor predictions
source code
Kevin Archie

Prediction Charting
source code
Alexander Van Dijk, Sam Gateau

Streaming Weather
source code
Scott Purdy

Streaming CPU Predictions
source code
Jin Pan, Danny Bankman, Stanislav Nikolov

Song Learning
source code
Tom Kaitchuck

Tic Tac Toe
source code
Ryan Elisei

Traffic Predictions
source code
Pete Hunt

Human Movement Predictions

We were so happy with the hacks, we gave everyone who came up with one a raspberry pi (and we’ll be working on getting NuPIC to build on one!).

Thank you!

We had a great time hosting this hackathon, and we can’t wait to do it again. Additionally, we got really valuable feedback from all the participants on how we can improve NuPIC for all our users and contributors. Don’t doubt that we’ll be taking all your comments and critiques into consideration as we continue to mature our open source offering.

If you are interesting in joining our next hackathon, please watch HTM Forum, where I’ll continue to post notifications about future events.

Matt Taylor
Open Source Community Flag-Bearer
Numenta, Inc.

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