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Introducing NuPIC Studio

David RagazziDavid RagazziCommunity Contributor
Introducing NuPIC Studio

Hello NuPICers! I am introducing a nice tool for the NuPIC community. NuPIC Studio is a powerful all-in-one tool that allows users create an HTM network from scratch, train it, collect statistics, and share it among the members of the community.

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It is not just a visualization tool but an HTM builder, debugger and laboratory for experiments. It is ideal for newbies with little intimacy with NuPIC code as well as experts that wish for better productivity. Among its features and advantages are:

  • Users can open, save, or change their “HTM projects” or of other developers. A typical project contains data to be trained, neural network configuration, statistics, etc, which can be shared to be analyzed or integrated with other projects.

  • The HTM engine is the own original NuPIC library (Python distribution). This means no port, no bindings, no re-implementation, etc. So any changes in the original NuPIC source can be immediately viewed. This helps users that wish to test improvements like new encoders or even hierarchy, attention, and motor integration.

  • Source code of the HTM network architecture is automatically generated in order for users to simply copy and paste it into their applications and so consume NuPIC Network API.

  • The project is pip-installable and for desktop use.

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The project’s site is:


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David RagazziDavid RagazziCommunity Contributor