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Meet the NuPIC Community

Matthew TaylorMatthew TaylorOpen Source Manager
Meet the NuPIC Community

You might not have heard about it, but the NuPIC mailing lists had to be migrated to a private server recently, so we had a short outage. Once the lists had been moved, I wanted to reengage our community members after a couple day of limited messages, so I asked everyone to introduce themselves, and we’re getting some really fascinating responses. The NuPIC community is quite diverse and passionate! You might enjoy reading through some of the responses on each of our lists (look for the topics entitled “We’re back in business, introduce yourself!”.

Here are some interesting excerpts:

“Currently, I am working with a student in collaboration with an expert MD on using NuPIC for analyzing medical vital signs for diagnosis of medical conditions and early warnings on abnormal incidents. We are at the first stages of this work. I will let you know if we get some promising results.”Spyros Vassilaras, PhD

“Thx Numenta for creating this awesome community.”Alex GuangTou

“For a while long ago i seriously thought i would be an opera singer, but despite great bass notes i couldn’t hit a high G, so that career ended abruptly. And as of yesterday i appear to be a cancer survivor, so yay!”Matthew Lohbihler

“NUPIC should be renamed to EPIC:-)”Chirag Mirani

“I am new to opensource but it is surprising how cool and encouraging the NuPIC community is and it has set a very high standard for opensource communities in my mind. Thanks NuPIC.”Anubhav Chaturvedi

“I’m really excited about what Numenta is doing and will be doing a small presentation about the CLA and NuPIC in my college soon!”Kevin Martin Jose

“I regard following the progress of Numenta as the most interesting news available. I wish to someday implement a version of Nupic in a consumer product.”Dave Petrillo

“I discovered Jeff from his Triangulation interview back in April and have been hooked ever since.”Ryan Belcher

“I’d say the only thing I don’t really understand about HTM is why there is not even more widespread interest for it from the AI community.”Angela Bovo

“I was one of the season-of-nupicers this year which was pretty interesting. I made an experimental visualisation library for NuPIC. Which i hope to properly release soon.”Ruaridh O’Donnell

“I have developed a good intuition for the characteristics of our brain and central nervous system as models for IT simulations and the CLA, HTM, SDR concepts together are very brilliant and worth their weight in gold. As it turns, I also apply some data science to some of the data in our systems and I believe that GROK may one day be a good solution for some future applications. For now, this is a hobby I follow with enthusiasm.”Joe Perez

“Then I stumbled on one of Jeff’s keynotes online and it blew my mind. Now I’m working to understand/develop/apply HTM, and build the future with you all…”Felix Andrews

“By day I lead the Cloud Foundry team at HP, but ever since I saw Jeff speak at OSCON last year, I’ve been digging neocortical simulations. I’m particularly interested in the realm of procedurally generated content in games and other media, and I hope to do a session about Machines the Tell Stories at SXSW Interactive next year.”Jeff Kramer

And lastly, you gotta read this wonderful interaction between a high school student and an elderly Chinese PhD:

Hi, Anthony Liu: ☺, I am this too old, and you are so young! I had lived at bay area for some years, that is an area creating stories, always.Xudong.

I love this stuff! NuPIC bringing people together from all walks of life FOR SCIENCE!!! Big thanks to the NuPIC community for being such good people.

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Matthew TaylorMatthew TaylorOpen Source Manager