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2014 Season of NuPIC Approved Projects

by Matthew Taylor, Open Source Manager

Sometime in the mid-March, we announced Season of NuPIC. This is first such event for the NuPIC community and we’re very happy with the quality of proposals and the projects we’ve approved. There were a bunch of interesting proposals and ideas that were submitted by hackers across the world. The NuPIC community selected the best seven proposals for this edition of Season of NuPIC. The selected project roster has interesting proposals like “Benchmarking and Visualizing HTMs”, “Epilepsy Seizure Prediction” and many more.

2014 Season of NuPIC Approved Projects Image

The NuPIC community would like to congratulate all the selected participants and wish them luck. Also the community would like to thank all the mentors who have volunteered to help with SoN.

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