2014 Fall Hackathon Schedule

Note: This schedule is subject to change.

Saturday Oct 18


Need help getting NuPIC building and running on your computer? Attend this workshop for hands-on assistance from NuPIC engineers.

On the way to Language Intelligence

#### Francisco Webber (cortical.io)


  • Introduction to the Semantic Folding theory
  • Word-SDRs


  • The cortical.io API
  • Term Functions
  • Text Functions
  • Semantic Expressions
  • Tying cortical.io API to Nupic

Applications of HTM

#### Chetan Surpur, Software Engineer, Numenta

  • Applications of HTM
  • Data characteristics
  • Problem characteristics

Sunday Oct 19

Whiteboard Session

#### Jeff Hawkins

Here’s your chance to get into Jeff’s head. He’ll present Numenta’s most current thinking on HTM theory, using a whiteboard to explain concepts. Feel free to ask hard questions and be a part of the conversation.