NuPIC Core
Core algorithms for NuPIC(the Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing), implemented in C++
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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCnupic::algorithms::connections::ActivityActivity class used in Connections
oCnupic::algorithms::connections::CellCell class used in Connections
oCnupic::algorithms::connections::CellDataCellData class used in Connections
oCnupic::algorithms::connections::ConnectionsConnections implementation in C++
oCnupic::InputRepresents a named input to a Region
oCnupic::LinkRepresents a link between regions in a Network
oCnupic::NetworkRepresents an HTM network
oCnupic::NuPICInitialization and shutdown operations for NuPIC engine
oCnupic::OutputRepresents a named output to a Region
oCnupic::RegionRepresents a set of one or more "identical" nodes in a Network
oCnupic::algorithms::connections::SegmentSegment class used in Connections
oCnupic::algorithms::connections::SegmentDataSegmentData class used in Connections
oCnupic::algorithms::spatial_pooler::SpatialPoolerCLA spatial pooler implementation in C++
oCnupic::algorithms::connections::SynapseSynapse class used in Connections
oCnupic::algorithms::connections::SynapseDataSynapseData class used in Connections
oCnupic::algorithms::temporal_memory::TemporalMemoryCLA temporal memory implementation in C++
\Cstd::vector< T >STL class
 \Cnupic::DimensionsRepresents the dimensions of a Region