NuPIC Core
Core algorithms for NuPIC(the Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing), implemented in C++
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nupic::NuPIC Class Reference

Initialization and shutdown operations for NuPIC engine. More...

#include <NuPIC.hpp>

Static Public Member Functions

static void init ()
 Initialize NuPIC. More...
static void shutdown ()
 Shutdown NuPIC. More...
static bool isInitialized ()


class Network
 Having Network as friend class to allow Networks register/unregister themselves at creation and destruction time by calling non-public methods of NuPIC.

Detailed Description

Initialization and shutdown operations for NuPIC engine.

Definition at line 41 of file NuPIC.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

static void nupic::NuPIC::init ( )

Initialize NuPIC.

It's safe to reinitialize an initialized NuPIC.
Creating a Network will auto-initialize NuPIC.
static bool nupic::NuPIC::isInitialized ( )
Whether NuPIC is initialized successfully.
static void nupic::NuPIC::shutdown ( )

Shutdown NuPIC.

As a safety measure, NuPIC with any Network still registered to it is not allowed to be shut down.

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