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Vote for the best HTM Challenge submissions!

by Matt Taylor, Open Source Community Flag-Bearer

Were you devastated that you weren’t chosen for the prestigious HTM Challenge Judging Panel? Don’t worry, your opinion still matters! There are two ways you can help decide who shines in the HTM Challenge. Please read below and help us out by voting for your favorite submissions.

Vote for the best HTM Challenge submissions! Image

People’s Choice

There are 12 submissions at http://htmchallenge.devpost.com/submissions/ ready for voting. To vote, simply click on a submission, watch the demo video, and – if you like it – click the big green “Vote for this project!” button at the top right of the page. You may vote for as many submissions as you like.


Two submissions are in a special category for innovation. This may be particularly relevant to our community, because this stuff has an impact on HTM research and development! To vote for one of the two innovation prizes, please go to this survey (after watching the demo videos below) and vote:

Voice Your Opinion

Go forth and vote for your favorite submissions! The prizes for the categories above will be awarded at this Saturday’s HTM Challenge Onsite Event (which you should RSVP for if you are coming).

Good luck to all the submissions!

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