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HTM Engine Tutorial

by Matthew Taylor, Open Source Manager

Numenta recently open-sourced a bunch of product code at: https://github.com/numenta/numenta-apps. This includes the code for our most recent product, HTM for Stocks, and it also includes an extremely useful utility for running many anomaly detection models simultaneously called HTM Engine.

The HTM Engine can be a bit tricky to get running by yourself, so I created a tutorial screencast that shows how you can build your own client program that uses the HTM Engine in any programming environment you like.

HTM Engine Tutorial Image

This screencast showcases a prototype JavaScript application I wrote that pulls live traffic speeds from 153 routes in and around New York City and feeds them into NuPIC models simultaneously.

I hope you find this screencast useful. Please let me know if you have any troubles getting it running by emailing at matt@numenta.org, or just start a topic on the HTM Forum.

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